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Ram Quality Products Ltd. specializes in the development of high quality plastic products for the hardware, lawn & garden, home improvement,
and the “do it yourself” markets.

The founders of the company have been active as manufacturers in the plastics industry for over 40 years, and are experienced in the 
production and sales of high quality plastics products throughout the world, while meeting the strictest international standards.

The company specializes in the design of unique and innovative products, and utilizes advanced technologies to ensure the production and delivery of high quality products. New product designs and customer feedback result in continuous new product introductions and additions to a growing product line.

The company sells its products worldwide and is able to customize products and packaging to meet customer requirements.

Ram is green and environment friendly company that conserve devotedly the natural resources like electricity, water, and use recycled material in order to protect and preserve the existing natural environment.

RAM Quality Products Ltd. is proud of its track record and reputation in the industry, and will continue to innovate and deliver the highest quality products to its customers.


Safety certifications & High quality standards.

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More than 50% recycled material to support sustainability.

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Water recycling for maximum savings.

Electricity- Green energy icon.jpg

Renewable energy sources.

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Indoor recycling - zero industrial waste.

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Recycled carton packaging.

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